Like everything else, ring trends come and ring trends go. One thing, however, stays constant: an engagement ring given from the heart, is guaranteed to put as much sparkle in her eyes as on her finger! You really can’t go too wrong if you stick with diamonds and devotion.

That being said, choosing an engagement ring can be an overwhelming, somewhat daunting endeavour. Which is where trends come in useful: while we don’t ever advocate falling prey to ‘trends’ as such, they can help inform you of the latest styles setting newly-engaged eyes aglow and hearts a-pitter patter. And they certainly offer a great jumping off point to inspire your search for the perfect engagement ring.

So, without further ado, herewith five of our favourite engagement ring trends for 2022.

1. Vintage Engagement Rings

Old-world charm will forever retain its place in the new world. There is something to be said for the romance and glamour of the past. Throw in the traditional craftsmanship of yesteryear, and it’s little wonder that vintage engagement rings continue to have a moment. In short, this is one trend that isn’t going anywhere soon, so if your bride-to-be is inspired by the gorgeous fashions and romance of old-timey movies and vintage shops, this is something you might want to consider.

What does a ‘vintage-inspired’ engagement ring look like? These are rings that showcase dainty design and incredibly intricate craftsmanship in the shape of delicate milgrain and filigree detailing, to diamond clusters, to nature-inspired motifs.

If you really want to double down on the old-world charm, vintage-inspired engagement rings are also the perfect showcase for incorporating family heirlooms into your very modern romance, creating a ring that is even more meaningful. Maybe your grandmother passed down her treasured diamond engagement ring to you to give to the love of your life. Perhaps your partner’s mom wants her to use a special stone passed down from generation to generation. Of course, you can wear these rings as is, or you can put your own spin on them in an all-new, but beautifully old tone ring. Gemstones and metals from old rings, necklaces and earrings can be reworked into your own stunning ring design, creating a statement piece that is vintage in both style and substance.

2. Colored Gemstone Engagement Rings

Sure, diamonds are some girls’ best friend, but for others, colored gemstones are what speak to the soul and sense of style.

Of course, Princess Diana’s well-known sapphire ring is the most famous colored gemstone engagement ring of all-time, but these days more and more brides-to-be are embracing this trend – and in far more colors and stone options than Princess Diana could have dreamed of.

Sapphires, rubies, emeralds, tourmalines, morganites… in every hue from pink to purple, green, blue, yellow, watermelon and black… if you embrace colored gemstones, the options are quite endless.

Not only does this trend give you the opportunity to incorporate your partner’s favorite color into her ever-after ring, it places emphasis on individuality and self-expression, thereby embracing the biggest overarching engagement ring trend of all – uniqueness. Bonus points? Many of the options available leave you with a lot more wiggle room in your budget for something quite astounding!

3. Black Diamond Engagement Rings

In keeping with the unique engagement ring trend, embracing the trend towards colored stones, but staying true to the ‘diamonds are for engagement rings’ philosophy, are black diamond engagement rings.

Yes, style icon Carrie Bradshaw made this option popular when Big gave it to her in the second Sex and the City movie, but black diamond rings have actually been a thing for far longer than that, particularly with brides who favor a dramatic, bold sense of style and beauty look.

A black diamond engagement ring is undoubtedly a big style statement, but more than that, it seems to hold special powers… In Italian culture, touching a black stone has always been associated with bringing good fortune to a marriage, and while diamonds in general are associated with purity, innocence, love, fidelity, and faithfulness, black diamonds are associated with passion and power. What’s not to love?!

4. Double Banded Engagement Rings

So we’ve established that when it comes to engagement rings, 2022 is all about uniqueness. One of the most unique of the coming year’s trends? The double-banded engagement ring.

An evolution of the stacking bands trend, this design showcases a double band – simple metal or studded with more stones in a pave setting – which then creates a set space between the bands for the center stone. The end result? The center stone looks like it’s floating between the two bands, creating a real showpiece designed to wow all who see it!

Another take on this, is the eternity ring as an engagement ring. Most-often chosen as a wedding band to accompany a center-stone centric engagement ring, the eternity ring features a band set with stones all the way round, symbolizing eternal, never ending love. Modern brides seem to have taken this symbolism to heart, with some choosing to double up on the promise of love forever after by choosing an eternity ring for both their engagement and their wedding ring. By then stacking these two rings, the wearer creates what ultimately looks like a double ring of sparkle and fire.

5. Solitaire Engagement Rings

As much as brides are embracing uniqueness in 2022 and beyond, stunning simplicity and classicism will never go out of style. The classic solitaire diamond ring continues to be the style icon to end all style icons.

This timeless design, featuring a large center stone and simple band, puts your chosen stone – diamond or otherwise – front and center, making the sparkler the star of the show. (Much like the star of your heart who will be wearing it.) Simple, understated, elegant. And altogether stunning. What’s more, by skipping embellishments like pavé bands and halo settings, you can maximize the wow factor with certain diamond cuts or by investing in a ring with a higher carat.

And then there’s the symbolism of the solitaire – the one and only, the shining light of your life, the single most sparkly, precious thing in your universe. Cheesy? Perhaps. But what’s an engagement without a side of old-school romance and sentimentality. Because if not now, then when?

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