At Keezing Kreations we believe that a customer testimonial is a seal of approval and confirmation of a designers’ expertise, artistry and long term satisfaction.

Many of our customers return to Keezing Kreations to purchase gold, diamond and platinum jewelry to commemorate all of life’s major milestones including engagement rings and anniversary bands. Preview a small sampling of Keezing’s workmanship in our Design Gallery. Here’s what just some of our happy customers have to say about our custom made jewelry in Boston.

Refers All Past Jewelry Store Customers to Keezing

I had been looking for a very unique daisy style wedding ring. Debra’s website had a picture of the exact ring that I had been looking for. Being a former jewelry store owner and also living out of state I asked a lot of challenging questions before moving forward. Debra was spot on with all of her answers. She has been in the industry many years and I was impressed with her knowledge. I sent Debra a large diamond of mine that would be used as the center stone of the ring. Debra had my diamond certified before mounting it into the custom made daisy ring. After the ring was completed she sent me multiple pictures of the ring for me to proof. I thought the pictures looked great, but after I had received the ring I emailed Debra…“It looks fantastic. Better than the pictures. Excellent work.” And the most important thing…my wife absolutely loves the ring. The quality and look of a handmade custom ring is far and above the mass produced rings out there in the malls or department stores. Having a background in the jewelry industry I was a tough customer to win over. Now when any of my past jewelry store customers call me, I refer them to Debra. I have no worries that they will get a spectacular custom made piece of jewelry at a price better than they could have expected. ~ C. Clemens, as reviewed on Google Plus

Must-Go Destination, Highly Recommend

As I embarked on the daunting task of finding the perfect engagement ring, I did the usual initial steps; learn about the diamond market, got references from friends pertaining to who I should visit, then of course began to price compare to figure out what I’d be able to afford. Keezing Kreations was actually the last place I visited, not because I was less optimistic that I’d find my cherished ring there, but because I had heard through a credible source that she was a “straight-shooter.” I’d be able to pin all the BS I had heard from the various people against what she had to say to see what stuck. Turned out to be a good plan because had I not talked to Debra, I probably would have made the mistake of sacrificing on color quality for size. I was in the market for something special (for my special lady), and wanted to ensure that the money I was about to spend wouldn’t go toward a “dime-a-dozen” stone. Debra guided me through every step of the process and really worked with me to assemble what I believe (and others have commented) is the perfect ring. Her years of expertise and genuine interest in making her clients happy set her apart from the rest. I highly recommend Keezing Kreations, don’t make the mistake of not putting her on your “must-go” destination list! ~ Dana F., Boston, MA as reviewed on Yelp

Ring in which to see our love

Every girl dreams of the day her person will ask her to marry her. I thought about what it would be like to have THAT ring on my finger. My ring. My one and only ring like no one else’s. My ring for just me. Special like my relationship. I wanted a handmade ring that was just for me, something bold and beautiful. I went to Debbie because I wanted a custom design that my fiancé and I could dream about and build together. I wanted the ring to be as be as special and unique as our love for each other, something that I could wear and look at every day for the rest of my life and see our love, a love like no one else’s love, our own creation together. Keezing Creations did that for us. Now every day when I look at my ring on my finger, I see our love. I see us.

Love Neckless

necklaceI went to Debra with a challenging request. Nine years ago, July 2010, I was married and two months later my husband unexpectedly passed away. I have been holding onto my engagement ring and eternity band all these years and the thought of me having two gorgeous rings locked in a box for safe keeping annoyed me. But, I did not want to wear my rings as if I was married because I am ready to move on and find a new relationship. It was time for me to create something new. I wanted something I could wear every day to remember my husband but I did not want it to look like an engagement ring as I plan to remarry at some point in my life. After shopping around, I found Debra to be not only the best price in town but also the person that I could trust with a very emotional past. I chose to make a necklace. Debra advised me on some key items, like the clasp and chain strength (all things I would not have considered). The first rendition of my necklace was not a right fit, so we modified the mold and it was perfect! I am delighted with my necklace and I wear it every day. It is classic and is easy to wear at the gym (because I have two lengths) or I can dress up a black dress and wear it out on the town! I know my husband is always with me but having my necklace close to my heart brings me joy and peace. Thank you, Debra, for being a patient, loving and caring person during this entire process. I am forever grateful. Warmly,
~ Kirsten W. as reviewed on Google Reviews

Accommodating and Eager to Delight Customers

A month before Christmas I had the genius thought of remaking a costume jewelry set, recast in real yellow gold, as a gift for my mother.  There are two well-known jewelry retailers that my family has done projects with in the past but neither one could accommodate the tight timeframe. Two weeks before Christmas when truthfully I was already emotionally divested — just for the hell of it– I tried an internet search and stumbled upon Boston-based Keezing Kreations.  I emailed the company and was very pleased to receive an immediate/personalized response. I explained the project/dilemma and Debbie, the owner, told me to come right in.  Shortly thereafter, I visited her at the shop at Downtown Crossings.  After some discussion in which we flushed out the design details (and some changes) Debbie committed to the project’s scope/crazy timeframe/cost.  The necklace and bracelet were in intricate settings which her fabricator was able to duplicate in gold.  Also of concern was the overall project cost and as previously mentioned we were able to agree on a price which she honored.  The project came out beautifully and my mother was floored (in a good way).    Debbie is a veteran jeweler but also lovely, very accommodatin
g, and eager to delight customers.  The best part is that your investment goes right into your project and not into overhead associated with maintaining a big fancy intimidating showroom.  Keezing Kreations is a great resource for realizing exactly what you want in jewelry at a very fair price.  You have a vision in your head? Then this is your venue! ~ K.R., Brookline, MA as reviewed on Yelp

Highly Recommended, Best Selection

My friend was looking for an engagement ring and I went with him to the Jeweler’s Building in Boston with a couple of appointments to search for one. Debra was our last appointment and had the best selection for his price range that we had seen that day. She was very friendly and patient with us knowing it was a big decision to make. Highly recommend seeing her if you’re in search of an engagement ring. ~ Stephen M., East Bridgewater, MA as reviewed on Yelp

Couldn’t Be Happier With Engagement Ring

Debra was so amazing to work with! So kind, logical, and knowledgeable on jewelry. My Fiance knew I wanted my great-grandmothers stone, but wasn’t really sure what to do. He took it to Keezing Kreations as they specialize working with old jewelry and helping bring it to life to fit who you are today. I was AMAZED beyond belief how beautiful the ring came out. She reset the stone in a new band and helped my Fiance choose what kind of setting/add-ons he wanted (and believe me he needed help on the subject and I’m so happy how much she had to offer!) I couldn’t be happier with my three stone ring with band diamonds. It’s so classic and means so much to me as it has a piece of my family to it, and a piece that’s just me. The ring was a size too big and when I came to meet Debra to get the ring re-sized, she was wonderful, speedy, and even offered the sizing complementary. I highly recommend her service as we don’t think we could be happier. ~ Kasey H., MA as reviewed on Google Plus

Prompt, Professional, Honest

After being gifted a family stone that I wanted to reset in a more contemporary design, I searched for a jewelry designer in Downtown Boston. Finding Debbie was truly wonderful. After contacting her via email, she was prompt and professional. From the beginning, she was incredibly easy to work with, providing open, honest, and straightforward suggestions for a ring that would fit my active lifestyle and be feminine at the same time. She took the time to show me various ring settings, allowing me to try on multiple styles, and, in doing so and listening to my feedback, she ultimately suggested the final design, which is absolutely beautiful and unique. The entire process from initial contact, design consultation, and final ring sizing was professional, personalized, and beyond expectation. I am so glad to have found Debbie and her team! ~ Alexandra

Stunning design for our 10th anniversary

I went to Debra with a difficult project. Trying to make a beautiful necklace for my wife for our 10th anniversary, while still sticking to her jewelry preferences of contemporary but wearable. Debra was able to look at a few pieces she already had, and some pictures of her, to come up with a stunning design that fit her perfectly. I wasn’t sure how my wife would react, but the look in her eyes when she opened the box said it all. Too stunning for words or even pictures, Debra captured my wife’s style perfectly. An absolute masterpiece. I would highly recommend Debra to anyone, but especially to people who get easily bored walking through jewelry stores. Her work is incredible, and she’s very excited and passionate about it as well. Debra is the reason custom jewelry will continue to thrive for years to come. I look forward to working with her again. Thank you so much! ~ Stephen, as reviewed on Google Review

Absolutely Thrilled with Engagement Ring

My fiance and I wanted something specific and couldn’t find it anywhere. We really like Debbie. She was informative, and friendly. Today we picked up our rings and are absolutely thrilled! ~ Claire L., as reviewed on Google Plus

Still in Shock Over Beauty of Ring

I bought my wife’s 1st an engagement ring from Debbie Keezing 17 years ago. This year I decided to get my wife a new ring as I was young and pretty lean on budget the first time. That’s whats great about Keezing Kreations, Debbie is great at finding the best value jewelry to fit any budget. My wife is still in shock over the beauty of this latest ring! At Keezing, you can count on honesty and expertise. You will get the knowledge you need to make the right choice when buying that next piece of jewelry. Thanks again Debbie! ~ Vic P., as reviewed on Google Plus

Amazing Ring, Prices are Much Better

Debbie was such a help when I was trying to figure out what to do with my engagement ring and wedding band after my divorce. She helped me design an amazing ring for all my diamonds, and it came out better than I could have imagined! She’s so understanding and patient, and really takes the time to make you something special. And to top it off, her prices are MUCH better than any other store I went to. Now I have a gorgeous ring that I love and I can start my new chapter in life on a happy note. Thank you! ~ Amelia M., West Newbury, MA as reviewed on Yelp

Eye Catching Custom Wedding Band

When I set off to find a customized wedding ring, I turned to where I found Debbie Keezing. I loved the look of some of her work — it is high-quality and creative, not to mention eye-catching. I wanted something that wouldn’t detract from my engagement ring, which my fiance designed, and instead wanted something that would add to its beauty without overshadowing it. And Debbie and her designer were able to do exactly that AND more. I sent her a few samples online of what I had in mind and met with her personally where she showed me additional ideas. One of these ideas was the custom carving of swoops and swirls on the side of the ring, which I adore! Through the process, she was patient and explained everything in great detail. S
he kept me in the loop with emails and calls when we were ready for next steps, which I fully appreciated. Now, to add to my excitement of getting married this October, I can’t wait to showcase this beautiful creation to my friends and family. ~ Heidi Z., Boston, MA as reviewed on Yelp

Terrific Value, Listens Well, Fair Price

I worked with Debbie to reset a ring and she was amazing! I was all over the map on what I wanted from modern to classic-  Debbie was so patient and she didn’t let me make a mistake. She listens really well and helped me visualize (which I can’t do at all).  I just picked up my ring and it’s exactly what I wanted. Debbie is also fair in terms of price and the value is terrific.  Highly recommend! Thanks, Debbie! ~ Amy M., Newton Centre, MA as reviewed on Yelp

Diamonds Looked Amazing in New Setting

Debbie is just amazing! My husband and I bought my engagement ring and weddings bands from Debbie back in 2001. When I wanted to have them have a “face lift” I knew it only made sense to go back to the store that we had such a great initial experience with. I had to cut my rings off after a pregnancy and I thought it would be a good time to reset my diamonds and “spruce” my rings up. Boy did Debbie do such a nice job. First, she listened to everything I had to say about ideas, looked at pictures that I had, talked me through the pros/cons of what I was asking for, walked me through other price point options so that I could understand the possibilities, etc. Just a great listener! I showed up to pick up my rings and was just blown away. My diamonds look amazing in their new setting. Everyone that sees my rings think I upgraded to bigger diamonds. They are the same diamonds just put in a setting that worked exactly with my ideas. Again, such an amazing experience! We are now working on my diamond earrings! My husband may be in trouble for sending me back to Debbie :) Debbie’s small store setup gives you an endless feeling of options. You can’t go wrong! Thank you Debbie for all that you have done for Alan and I. You will surely be my jeweler forever!! ~ Sandra M., Hingham, MA as reviewed on Yelp

My Ring is Exquisite, Simply Breathtaking

Debbie had the lofty task of resetting my engagement diamond, along with the little diamonds from my wedding band. I wanted one gorgeous ring that would reflect me now – a devoted, active, and mature wife and mother…9 years later. Debbie was so knowledgeable, patient, thoughtful, kind, caring, creative and insightful in her approach. My ring is exquisite…simply breathtaking. It amazes me how often it catches people’s eyes; all the time really! I am a lucky gal and my diamond is one lucky diamond to have been given Debbie’s care and attention! I am more than pleased to recommend her craftswomanship. ~Linda

No One Could Have Done it Better

With Debbie I had one my best business experiences ever! I live in Costa Rica and traveled to Boston just looking for engagement ring options. It was being really difficult to find exactly what I was looking for (in terms of stones, design & cost-quality relation) until I got into Debbie´s brand new store. I could only stay a couple of days in Boston, but it was enough time for her in order to materialize my idea from scratch & deliver the ring on time. My fiance & I love the ring, and we are totally sure that no one could have done it better than Mrs. Keezing! Debbie, you are awesome! ~Kevin Q., as reviewed on Yelp

Ring That One Can Only Dream Of

How do you thank someone who turned a personal tragedy around and created a ring that one can only dream of? This all started when I lost the stone from my diamond engagement ring. Words cannot express how upset I was. I went to Keezing Kreations knowing I wanted a new ring created, even though it wouldn’t be the same. I never dreamed the end result would be such an amazing piece. My friends are in awe and all want their own personal ring. It is stunning from all angles. It appears to pop off my finger! The detail work on all sides needs to be seen to be believed. Anyone who is considering resetting a ring, or purchasing one, I encourage visiting Keezing Kreations. One must view the artistry to appreciate the beauty of the finished product. I am confident that you will not want to visit another shop. At Keezing Kreations you will receive both personal & professional attention to your needs. I can promise that you will be thrilled with your finished product as I am. Many thanks again, Deb & James! ~Linda B.

My Fiance and I Couldn’t Be Happier

Debra was so helpful in creating a gorgeous and affordable engagement ring! My fiance wanted to use a pair of diamonds she inherited from her mother, and Debra made sure I knew these diamonds weren’t great quality before agreeing to add them to the ring. She helped me pick the perfect center stone, and my fiance and I couldn’t be happier. We’ll definitely go back to her for our wedding rings! Thanks, Debra! ~ Josh G., Boston, MA as reviewed on Yelp

Engagement Ring Captured Our Style

It was by chance that we met Debra, which led to a wonderful experience with intimate service. Debra took time to talk and learn our personalities so that she could help us design an engagement ring that captured our style. She explained about diamonds and how to create a setting to accentuate it. She also was very careful to work within our budget. The finished product was beyond our comprehension. Pure elegance! Wehighly recommend Debra because she is willing to work with you to give you exactly what you envision. We look forward to purchasing our wedding bands from Debra because everything she does is a work of art. ~ Wendy K., Natick, MA as reviewed on Yelp

Custom Engagement Ring Far Exceeded Our Expectations!

Debbie is my hero! When I began the process of looking for an engagement ring, I was nervous and a tad overwhelmed. But Debbie put me at ease from the moment I walked in her shop and explained exactly what I should be looking for. And thanks to Debbie and her fantastic designer James, I was able to give my fiancé a beautiful custom and handmade ring that far exceeded her and my expectations. The effort Debbie and James put in to understanding exactly the type of ring my fiancé wanted and the fact they put it all together it within budget and in time for Christmas is something I will be forever grateful for. So if you’re looking for someone who will work with you create a truly unique and beautiful piece of jewelry, your one and only stop should be Keezing Kreations! ~Mike

Professional and Skilled; You Will Not Be Disappointed

My first experience with Debra Keezing was delightful and I expect I will have more in the future. As a birthday gift my husband wanted to have Debra design a matching diamond earring to replace one that was lost. Initially, we sat down to discuss our options for this and through this process, Debra had shown me some rings she had made as part of the work she does. I was so enamored by the incredibly beautiful designs that I switched from getting a replacement diamond earring to having both my engagement ring and wedding band restyled to something more contemporary! I just received the engagement ring back and I LOVE IT!!! I can’t wait to get the wedding band redone to complement my engagement ring. The entire experience from meeting Debra, to talking about options and design concepts, to receiving the end product has been fantastic. Debra is professional and skilled at what she does. She makes it her mission to be sure the customer walks away happy and with a product that was promised from the outset. I do not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for something new, unique or modified from its original concept. You will not be disappointed. I will continue to use and recommend Debra in the future. ~K.G., Newton, MA.

Gorgeous Pendant for a Fraction of the Cost

I had a one carat pear shaped diamond that I didn’t wear anymore as a ring. I brought it to Debbie and we discussed options for turning it into a pendant. After selecting a setting online from a prominent jewelry designer, Debbie and her partner duplicated the design for a fraction of what it would have cost me to buy it in the store. I now have a gorgeous pendant which I love and will wear for a long time. Thank you, Keezing Kreations! ~ Laurie F.

Perfect Choice without Pressure

My fiancé and I went to see Debbie at Keezing Kreations for my engagement ring. I was blown away with the beautiful ring that was hand selected and designed by my fiancé and Debbie. My fiancé was very pleased with how easy it was to work with Debbie and how she helped him make a perfect choice without pressure! We can not wait to go back for our wedding bands. We recommend Debbie at Keezing Kreations for all our jewlery needs and your!! ~ Jackie R., as reviewed on Yelp

Creative With Ideas, Always in my Budget

My husband and I have been coming back to Debbie for all our fine jewelry needs since 1983 when my husband bought my engagement ring from her. Since then Debbie has transformed many pieces of seldom worn jewelry into beautiful pieces that can be worn everyday or only on special occasions for both myself and my mother. My husband has also purchased new pieces from Debbie over the years. Working with Debbie has always been a great experience. I am extremely impressed with the pieces she and her partner have recently updated for me. Debbie is creative with her ideas and always works within my budget to create magnificent one of a kind pieces. I wouldn’t think of seeing anyone else for my fine jewelry needs. I recommend Keezing Kreations highly. ~ Beth G., as reviewed on Google Plus

Attentive Care, Hassle-Free and Cheerful Jewelry Designer

“I met Debra from Keezing Kreations by a chance encounter while shopping for a custom ruby engagement ring and my luck could not have been any more serendipitous. Debra took the extra time and attentive care to go over all of my questions and concerns, making the experience hassle-free and cheerful. I wholeheartedly recommend Keezing Kreations to anyone looking for custom precious ornaments, without the hassle of aggressive salespersons or overpriced off-the-shelf jewelry.” ~ Jason Robicheau, as reviewed on Google Plus

Move over Tiffany’s!

What can I say?  A ring for my son and his wife, a ring for a friend, my ring, my necklace and earrings, and hopefully my daughter is next!!!  You are amazing!!!  Could never go to anyone else once you’ve been with Debbie!!!!!  Debbie listens to what you really want and makes it happen….move over Tiffany’s……Keezing Kreations will design what you want and you will never go anywhere else once they do!!!! ~ Helen McCarthy

Spectacular Naval Officer’s Ring Restoration

Keezing Kreations did a spectacular job of restoring my Naval Officer’s ring. It is a unique design – not like a college ring- with a lot of painted fine detail. Twenty years of daily wear took their toll of the detail work. With their expertise, the Keezing Kreations team hand-restored every item of detail, paint and metal alike. The results are remarkable, and I receive frequent comments and compliments about my “new” ring. ~ Jed Levine, Merrimac, MA

Complex customized design

Custom Mens Wedding Bands by Bostons Keezing KreationsDebra is absolutely a professional! We came to her just three weeks before the wedding ceremony with a rather complex customized design. Amazingly, she made it in such a limited time with perfect quality. My husband and I love the gorgeous pair of wedding bands she made for us, with appreciation of her kindness, patience, and expertise. It was amazing to work with her on this project! ~ Duo

Amazing Engagement Ring

When my fiance and I decided it was time to look at engagement rings, I knew exactly what I wanted. I had a fake as fake can be ring in my jewelry box, and showed it to him. He told me he would do his best to find one exactly like it, or he would have someone make it from scratch. He found a very similar ring on Google, and found Deb along with it. Him and I have NEVER been more amazed with a persons willpower and drive to make me exactly what I asked for. This woman knows exactly what she’s doing and looked out for our best interests the entire time. She never pushed us to buy anything, never. And that is a huge factor of what set her apart from other jewelry places. Her attention to detail with the ring was extremely precise. Mike and I were beyond thrilled with the final product. Best decision we’ve made. We will be going back to Deb to get all of our future jewelry . What a blessing she is. ~ Nicole Filadoro

Brought my Vision to Life, Phenomenal

“I have known Debbie for years and I asked her to make me a cuban link necklace around 25 inches. This weekend I made it home and saw what I could only call a masterpiece. She brought my vision to life and I couldn’t that her enough. The length is great, the feel and weight is perfect, and the color and look of the necklace is phenomenal. I love this necklace and I have her to thank! Thanks Debbie!” ~ Ben GL, as reviewed on Google Plus

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