Whether it’s your first, your second, your 10th, your 17th or your 50th wedding anniversary, it’s kind of a big deal! No really… don’t fall into that trap of believing her/him when they say “Oh, it’s only our 6th anniversary, that’s not really important, don’t get me anything.” Ever. Always get the thing. Something. Anything. But if you really want to show how lucky you feel on this annual reminder of finding the love of your life, how about making that thing something personal. Something truly special. Like a custom anniversary ring, designed to be intensely personal, enormously heartfelt, and as unique as its intended recipient.

Of course, you’re not going to give a custom anniversary ring EVERY year. But there are anniversaries that call for something more than a ‘free hugs for a month’ handmade gift cards. At Keezing Kreations, we specialize in designing jewelry, and rings, to celebrate those special anniversaries. The milestones. As well as the ones that mean something to only you and your spouse.

Keezing Kreations Custom Designed Anniversary Ring: Choose Your Stone

Google ‘First wedding anniversary gift’ and you’ll be bombarded with ads trying to sell you paper – in whatever format – as the gift to give. Yes, paper is traditionally the first anniversary gift, but there are other, more romantic gifting options. (You don’t say! And don’t even get us started on wool aka your 7th year of wedded bliss.) At Keezing Kreations we can help you source an anniversary stone, associated with whatever year of marriage you’re celebrating, and incorporate it into a ring (or other jewelry item) design that screams romance!

Here is a list of the gemstones associated with each anniversary, all of which have their own unique beauty and which can be used in any multitude of designs.

1st Anniversary: Peridot

2nd Anniversary: Garnet

3rd Anniversary: Pearls or jade

4th Anniversary: Blue topaz or blue zircon

5th Anniversary: Sapphire or pink tourmaline

6th Anniversary: Amethyst or turquoise

7th Anniversary: Onyx, yellow sapphire, or golden beryl

8th Anniversary: Tourmaline or tanzanite

9th Anniversary: Lapis lazuli, amethyst, or green spinel

10th Anniversary: Diamond or blue sapphire

11th Anniversary: Turquoise, citrine, or yellow zircon

12th Anniversary: Jade or opal

13th Anniversary: Citrine, moonstone, or hawk’s eye

14th Anniversary: Opal, agate, or bloodstone

15th Anniversary: Ruby, rhodolite garnet, or alexandrite

16th Anniversary: Peridot (evening emerald) or red spinel

17th Anniversary: Carnelian

18th Anniversary: Cat’s eye (chrysoberyl) or aquamarine

19th Anniversary: Aquamarine or almandine garnet

20th Anniversary: Emerald or yellow/golden diamond

21st Anniversary: Lolite

22nd Anniversary: Spinel

23rd Anniversary: Imperial topaz

24th Anniversary: Tanzanite

25th Anniversary: Silver Jubilee, tsavorite, or green garnet

30th Anniversary: Pearl

35th Anniversary: Emerald

40th Anniversary: Ruby

45th Anniversary: Sapphire or cat’s eye

50th Anniversary: Golden Jubilee or Imperial/Golden Topaz

55th Anniversary: Alexandrite

60th Anniversary: Diamond Jubilee or star ruby

65th Anniversary: Blue spinel

70th Anniversary: Sapphire Jubilee or smoky quartz

75th Anniversary: Diamond Jubilee

80th Anniversary: Ruby Jubilee

Of course, at Keezing Kreations we don’t subscribe to any hard and fast rules when it comes to choosing your stone to match your anniversary. Any custom ring, designed to be a one-of-a-kind gift from the heart, will tell the story of your love and commitment. We are here to help you create a happy ending to your story, no matter the stone, the anniversary, the style or the sentiment.

Keezing Kreations Custom Designed Anniversary Ring: Choose Your Style

Whether you choose to mark your wedding anniversary with a one-stone, two-stone or multi-stone design, we can make it a stunner!

Where single stones have the advantage of taking center stage, shining the spotlight on one amazing individual, much like your love shines down on your one and only, multi-stone rings allow you to create an eternity or infinity ring for example, thereby effectively saying ‘this is forever’, much like your vows.

Whatever style you choose, from eternity bands (with their message of eternal love these are a sure-fire spouse pleaser), to two-stone rings designed to say ‘we’re in this together’, to any other design and message you can dream of, Keezing Kreations will create a custom design that is guaranteed to say just the right thing.

We will help you with every step of the design process. From

  • the initial idea;
  • to the actual sketched design;
  • to choosing the stones themselves, the cut of the stone, the metals, and the settings (common settings, for example, include channel – for a magical, floating stone look; pave – stones are paved tightly together, with minimal visibility of prongs holding them in place, allowing for continuous sparkle; bezel – an elegant, elevated setting which allows the stone to look bigger than it is; and prong – a style that maximizes light penetration and sparkle!);
  • to crafting the final product,your Keezing Kreations jewelry designer will talk you through all the options available to you.

Custom Designed Anniversary Ring Tips

At Keezing Kreations we want you to enjoy the process of creating this ring, this moment, this anniversary. So, with that in mind, here are a few of our top tips to consider when creating your custom designed anniversary ring.

  1. Keep budget in mind: know your budget, and relay that information to your jewelry designer so that they can help you choose the right stone, setting, metals, size and style to meet your dream design and your wallet!
  2. Consider your partner’s personal style – choose a stone, metal, setting and design that fits in with their aesthetic.
  3. Consider your partner’s current engagement ring and wedding band. You may want an anniversary ring that they can stack with their current rings, or you may want one that is worn on a separate finger. This decision can help dictate the design, size and style you choose.
  4. Choose quality: always work with a designer you trust, who has your love story as their guiding light, as well as the industry skill and know how to bring both your vision to life, choose the best quality, ethically sourced stones, and design a jewelry item that will last a lifetime.

Finally, remember that no matter what style or stone you choose, there are no wrong choices! A custom ring offers you the chance to give your partner something that’s customized to their style and personality, and truly one-of-a-kind.

For more information on how creating your custom anniversary ring works, click here for our Keezing Kreations design process, help in choosing your materials, top tips and more detail.

A Keezing Kreations custom designed wedding ring checks all the boxes: personal, thoughtful design; exquisite craftsmanship; the highest quality materials; and heartfelt wishes for a lifetime of love and happiness. Contact us today to custom design the anniversary rings of her dreams.

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