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A piece of fine contemporary jewelry such as a custom handmade engagement ring or wedding band is a big investment that you will treasure for your lifetime and possibly pass on to future generations.

That is why at Keezing Kreations, we feel it is our duty to provide our clients with the most knowledgeable advice and the proper resources to help make informed decisions about custom jewelry design. We will prompt you to ask the right questions and provide honest feedback to all your concerns.

Our website’s Jewelry Education section is intended to provide enough information to guide you through the process of handcrafted contemporary jewelry design and manufacturing.

We invite you to visit our Boston jewelry store located at 333 Washington Street in the historic Boston Jewelers Building or call the owner, Debra Keezing at 617-650-9934 to inquire about any of the following:

Custom Jewelry Care & Cleaning

Do you know how to clean the diamonds, gemstones and gold or silver on your new piece of contemporary jewelry? We can teach you the best jewelry care methods to properly protect the shine and natural beauty of your fine jewelry pieces.

How to Choose Diamonds

What should you look for when choosing a diamond? Do you know what the “4 C’s” (cut, color, clarity and carat) mean and do you know the different scales to evaluate cut, clarity and color?

Precious Gemstones Meaning & Value

Colored gemstones are a great alternative to diamonds that show well when incorporated into handcrafted contemporary jewelry. Do you know the meaning behind each colored gemstone or how birthstones are valued? Are you curious about your options in rare gemstones?

Gold, Platinum and Other Precious Metals

Gold has always been the choice metal for designing both classic and contemporary jewelry. However, with the rising cost of gold, are you aware of other cost-effective precious metal options? Are you looking for a durable and attractive alternative to gold such as platinum?

Boston Jewelry Designers

The Boston Jewelers Building is home to over 100 different jewelers and contemporary jewelry designers. You may have visited some of these Boston jewelers before and seen the works of many of these talented local jewelry designers, prompting you to wonder if you could ever afford one of their fine jewelry pieces. Here at Keezing Kreations, we can help you understand the elements of modern and contemporary jewelry design that make these fine jewelry pieces so attractive. Let us guide you through designing your very own one of a kind contemporary jewelry pieces.

Stone Settings

Do know the difference between channel settings and prong settings on contemporary jewelry? Or are you looking at the options for resetting your own diamonds or precious gemstones into a new piece of custom handmade jewelry?

Jewelry Restoration and Repair

Are you looking for more information about how you can restore or remake one of your old rings, a pair of earrings or a necklace? Do you need help understanding basic ring sizing? We can help.

Ask us to help walk you through any of these jewelry information topics or ask your own questions regarding handcrafted contemporary jewelry design and manufacturing.

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