Stunning Platinum Halo Diamond Engagment Ring

Platinum has been revered through the ages as the rarest and purest of precious metals.

With its subtle beauty and lasting value, platinum jewelry, including platinum wedding bands and platinum engagement rings are rapidly growing in popularity in Boston, MA and elsewhere.

If you are contemplating adding a new platinum jewelry piece to your collection we invite you to visit our Boston jewelry store and custom jewelry design studio;  you will be astounded by the rich and luxurious feel of platinum jewelry, and the creativity we can bring to your platinum ring or necklace.

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The History of Platinum Jewelry

Throughout history platinum has fascinated and captured the imagination of people worldwide.
Prized for its unique properties, platinum’s strength seduced the ancient Egyptians. Platinum’s purity mystified the South American Incas who crafted platinum into unique treasures. Platinum’s rare brilliance won the Royal court of Louis XVI and was declared the metal of royalty.

Did you know that platinum jewelry was the preferred find jewelry leading up to World War II? Platinum was then declared a strategic metal by the United States government and the use of platinum in jewelry design was banned.

In the absence of Platinum, white gold appeared in the marketplace to appease consumers who preferred platinum’s rich white color. Today many Keezing Kreations customers still do the “white gold vs platinum” comparison in their decision process.

Why is Platinum Jewelry So Popular?

At Keezing Kreations we are constantly fascinated with the magic of platinum’s rarity, purity, strength and beauty. The feeling of uniqueness and immortality that platinum embodies and brings to our custom jewelry designs is stunning.

Here are some unique platinum jewelry facts:

  • Platinum is more than 15 times rarer than gold, taking the name “King of Metals”
  • It is the hardest of the precious metals
  • Platinum is the only precious metal used in fine jewelry design that is up to 95% pure, making it the purest metal of them all (gold is only 75%)!
  • The Spanish term for platinum is “Platina” which means Little Silver
  • Platinum does not tend to add any color of its own, which will enhance the diamond, sapphire, ruby or other precious stone within your platinum ring or necklace
  • By law platinum jewelry must have the marking of “950 PT” or “950 Plat”

Should I Design in Platinum?

There are several characteristics and benefits of platinum jewelry that you should consider if you wish to have custom designed platinum jewelry:

  • Platinum is not easily scratched making it resistant to damage
  • Platinum does not wear away easily making it long lasting
  • Platinum develops a desirable satin finish
  • Platinum is hypoallergenic and perfect for people with sensitive skin and allergies to some metals
  • Platinum does not fade or change color; it actually accentuates the brilliance of a sparkling diamond
  • Platinum is dense and durable which provides the most secure mounting available
  • Platinum’s high melting point provides strong resistance to corrosion and chemical attack
  • Platinum is low maintenance and dirt can be cleaned with a simple steam clean rather than polish

Why Are Platinum Jewelry Prices So High?

We’ve had customers wonder about platinum jewelry prices and value, plus what determines the price of platinum. Like gold, platinum prices are determined by supply and demand. In fact, platinum and gold currently have approximately the same cost in today’s market even though platinum’s value is higher; it is 15 times rarer than gold!

Did you know that in order to produce just one ounce of platinum, about ten tons of ore needs to be mined?

Simply put, regardless of the current price of platinum in the market, the investment will be worth every penny. After years of wear a platinum ring can be restored by re-tipping and re-pronging instead of replacing the platinum.
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Just like platinum, Keezing Kreations is a step above other jewelry designs.

When designing platinum jewelry you can trust the professionals at Keezing Kreations. We specialize in platinum engagement rings and custom platinum wedding bands. Our own jewelry designers do all of our platinum jewelry design work in house in our custom jewelry design studio. With no middleman involved, we pass all of the savings on to you!

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