Nearly five decades worth of custom fine jewelry design have gone out our doors, handmade by our gifted, independent Boston Jewelry Designers.

Our handmade Keezing jewelry designs have left us wrapped around the fingers, necks and wrists of extremely satisfied clients, and most had a hand in the concept and design of their original piece of jewelry.

At Keezing Kreations, we maintain high jewelry design standards in terms of craftsmanship and artistry while working with our clients to create a 100% customized piece of Custom Handmade Jewelry.

If you live in Boston, Massachusetts or in nearby communities such as Cambridge, Brookline, Saugus or Quincy we invite you to visit our Boston jewelry design store located at 333 Washington Street in the highly revered Boston Jewelers Building. Here you can meet with our Boston custom jewelry designers in person.

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Boston Jewelry Designers

Affordable Unique Jewelry Design

There is just something about anything designer-related that screams fine quality but that doesn’t mean designer jewelry can’t be affordable. Our Boston custom jewelry designs are all done in-house, with no middleman, so you are getting the absolute best price for unique handmade jewelry design. And best of all, you can be involved in the design process!

We all want a bold piece of designer jewelry that is custom made, dreamed straight out of our own imaginations. Below is an overview of some of the main reasons to work our Boston custom jewelry designers at Keezing Kreations.

Boston Jewelry Designer on Premises

Each and every Boston custom jewelry design that we produce is handmade by our in-house Boston jewelry designer.

We maintain our reputation as the best jewelry designer in Boston Massachusetts, thanks to our repertoire of award winning, custom handmade jewelry designs.

From your hand-drawn concepts, to hand sculpted wax molds, to securing hand selected diamonds and precious gemstones, attention to every possible detail is the highest priority of our Boston jewelry designers.

Designer Inspired Jewelry

We believe that no one should have to settle for a designer’s personal style when they themselves can have a direct influence over the Jewelry Design Process and end result.

As a client of Keezing Kreations, you become part of the designer team and help to inspire the design of your custom ring, necklace, earrings, bracelet or other fine jewelry piece. In this way you get designer inspired jewelry with your very own personal touch. It’s as if you are the jewelry designer!

Designer Inspired Gemstone Jewelry

Our renowned designer gemstone jewelry has gained major recognition within the industry and our in house Boston jewelry designer has won multiple awards. Bring in your old gemstones or choose precious stones from our inventory and get started on the creative process of inspired custom jewelry design to add to your collection.

Designer Inspired Eternity Ring

A symbol of everlasting love, eternity rings are commonplace and can be found in most jewelry stores. To make your eternity ring extraordinary, consider working with Keezing Kreations to create a truly “designer inspired” eternity ring that will only ever be worn on your true love’s finger.

Designer Diamond Jewelry

Sparkling diamonds coupled with custom jewelry design is naturally a winning combination that you simply cannot go wrong with. Proposing with a beautiful handmade designer diamond engagement ring can be the start of a brand new chapter.

Designer Gold Jewelry

The rich and famous are on to something when they outfit themselves in designer clothing and gold designer jewelry. When you add our designer gold jewelry to your wardrobe you too will feel rich and famous every time you wear them. Our custom gold jewelry designs can be as uniquely “you” as you wish.

Boston Jewelry Design to Fit Your Budget

Designer jewelry at its finest should still be affordable.

Keezing Kreations works hard to accommodate budgets of all sizes, designing custom handmade jewelry within any budget and offering creative solutions to keeping prices affordable.

Come work with our Boston custom jewelry designers where we:

  • Offer trade-in credit for your old gold, diamonds and precious gemstones, which can then be used towards your new custom jewelry design
  • Design custom handmade jewelry directly with you, our customer, and cut out the expense of a middleman
  • Adapt any custom jewelry design to fit within your budget
  • We will even remount diamonds and gemstones that you already have and place them into your new custom jewelry design; another way to help you purchase designer jewelry at a reasonable price

Come Meet Our Boston Jewelry Designers

If you are looking for a creative and knowledgeable jewelry designer in the Boston area we would love to meet or speak with you. We are positive that our unique custom jewelry creations will thrill, impress and eventually be cherished for generations to come.

Conveniently located amongst Massachusetts’ premier jewelers in the famous Boston Jewelers Building, we are a one stop Boston jewelry design store for those living in the areas of Cambridge, Brookline, Newton, Wesley, Saugus, Winthrop, Braintree or Quincy. We have serviced jewelry clients throughout the US.

For more information about our handmade Boston jewelry designs or to book a consultation with our talented Boston jewelry designers please contact us:

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Email: Boston Custom Jewelry Designers
Boston Jewelry Store: 333 Washington Street – Unit 513