When jewelry is of real value to you – monetary or sentimental – it can be truly devastating if it breaks, no longer fits, or has lost some of its luster and shine. Luckily, if you know where to go, and who to trust, you don’t have to just live with it… At Keezing Kreations, our dedicated, expert team can repair or restore your jewelry to its original glory.

Our Keezing Kreations master jewelers are as passionate about jewelry repair and restoration as we are about all things shiny and new. We want you to be able to wear your favorite pieces again, and for years to come, and will bring all our expertise, experience, creativity and passion to bear to help you restore broken or lackluster jewelry back to its original condition – or better!

Our Keezing Kreations Jewelry Repair Promise

  • We use cutting edge 21st century jewelry design, repair and restoration technology combined with an old-world attention to detail, craftsmanship, and time-honored techniques to ensure stunning results.
  • We will never outsource your jewelry repair or restoration to some sub-par operation. All of our work is done in-house by our own team of master jewelers.
  • From a missing or loose stone, to a cracked ring or bracelet, to a bent or broken prong, and more, there are few jewelers more qualified to execute your jewelry repair than our team. As craftsmen who spend their days actually creating fine jewelry from scratch, and with hundreds of years of combined experience, our master jewelers have encountered nearly every jewelry repair scenario imaginable.
  • Our consultants will help diagnose your jewelry repair needs, outline the options available to you, perform repairs in-house, and provide you with helpful preventative measures you can take to avoid future damage or loss of your most precious treasures.

Keezing Kreations Jewelry Repair Services

Don’t let your broken jewelry languish in some dark and dusty corner, discarded and forgotten! From routine ring, necklace and bracelet repairs, to elaborate vintage and fine jewelry restoration, our jewelers have the technical skills, expertise, experience, and cutting-edge equipment and technology required to bring your treasures back from the dark depths of your jewelry box.

The most common jewelry repairs our Keezing Kreations jewelers see are related to worn or broken parts, clasps and prongs, as well as loose or missing stones. (Top tip: to avoid the latter, it’s best to get the former fixed as soon as you spot the signs!)

Our jewelry repair services include, but are not limited to:

Stone Replacement/Resetting

Our jewelers can help source a match for many different gems, allowing you to replace any stones that might have been lost or broken in your jewelry item. We will then have them custom cut, where necessary, and then reset the stone securely. Our jewelers will also always check the integrity of all other prongs, channels, or settings on your item to prevent the loss of yet more precious jewels.

Ring Sizing

As we age, finger sizes often change. Which means that, quite often, your most precious pieces – wedding, engagement and anniversary rings for example – just don’t fit anymore, no matter how much squeezing or soaping you do! White and yellow gold, platinum and silver rings can all be resized and made to fit any finger size. We are also able to resize eternity bands in all metals, adding or removing stones where necessary.


That ring you love? The one you’ve worn every single day for as long as you can remember? It’s probably worn thin by now, and in danger of breaking altogether. Rings worn over long periods of time can become thin and fragile, particularly in the spot where the metal sits on the inside of the hand – known as the ring shank. A reshank is a simple procedure whereby we remove this thin piece and replace it with new, matching metal.

Restringing Pearls

Don’t let your precious pearls lose their luster! Worse – don’t lose any of those gorgeous pearls altogether! We offer pearl restringing and cleaning services designed to keep your pearls where they should be – around your neck, and not rolling around in some dark corner gathering dust, never to be seen again. Whether you bought your pearls new or they were passed down by generation, they will need to be restrung every so often to preserve their natural beauty and strength. For security and durability, it is best to restring pearl necklaces and bead jewelry at least every five years. Plus, if you want to redesign the look of your pearl jewelry while you’re at it, we can help you with a new clasp, rondels, or reimagine your pearls altogether.

Retipping/Prong Repair

This jewelry repair is one we see often! Over time the claws and prongs holding your diamonds and gemstones securely onto your rings (or other items) will become worn flat, sometimes even breaking away completely. Our jewelers will either retip the areas that are worn flat, replacing the lost material with perfectly matching metal to keep your stones safe (and your heart from breaking when that diamond goes missing!). Or we’ll replace the prong altogether with a new, strong prong that you won’t be able to tell apart from the originals.

Rhodium Plating

Gold is naturally yellow and over time a warm, yellow tint can develop in white gold jewelry. Rhodium plating restores whiteness back into a white gold piece, producing a like-new appearance.


If you have a broken chain, a cracked ring (caused by metal fatigue in some cases), or jump rings that need closing on a bracelet, for example, our expert soldering can make your jewelry look good as new – you won’t even see the repair!

Stone Repolishing

If your gemstones look dull, and have lost that sparkle and shine you love so much, it’s time to give them some love! Over time even the sparkliest of stones can become scratched and dull.  Our expert stone polisher will polish out these superficial scratches restoring your stone’s natural beauty and shine. What’s more, we can perform magic on even chipped stones, by re-cutting and restoring them to perfect condition – you’ll never notice the difference!

Jewelry Maintenance

Prevention is better than cure… Let our Keezing Kreations jewelers perform regular cleans and check-ups – every 6 months is recommended – on your most precious pieces to prevent loss of stones, breakage, lackluster looks, and heartbreak! A consultant will check all your stones, prongs, clasps etc. to see that they are still secure and in good condition, before cleaning your item to bring back its shine.

Keezing Kreations Jewelry Restoration Services

Over time, with regular wear and tear, fine and antique jewelry will more than likely require partial or complete restoration. At Keezing Kreations we are as passionate about restoring your old jewelry as we are about designing stunning new pieces.

For jewelry that requires more than just a small repair, our jewelers have the skills, experience and passion to restore your treasured memory-pieces back to heirloom quality.

Jewelry restoration cannot be undertaken by just anyone! It is one of the most challenging, but rewarding, aspects of a career in jewelry design, and our master jewelers are more than up to the task!  Our talented artisans hold true to the old world craftsmanship and design skills that were required to originally create vintage jewelry, making them uniquely qualified to use 21st century techniques to bring your old world jewelry into a new era. We are excited by the challenge of restoring pieces dating back to Georgian, Victorian, Art Nouveau, Edwardian, and Art Deco periods, as well as any more modern fine jewelry items that might need a complete restoration.

Contact Keezing Kreations today to ask about getting your most treasured possessions restored or repaired by our master jewelers. Our services are expert, thoughtful, and designed to retrieve your broken treasures from the dark depths of your jewelry box and put them back in the spotlight!

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