The season of gift giving is almost upon us… Of course, some people have long since made their list, checked it twice, and finished up their holiday gift shopping. No, really. Those people really do exist! Not us, though. Nope, we live for the drama of last-minute gift buying. Some of the most magical gifts can be found this way – especially if you know where to look!

Given our own penchant for last-minute gift buying, it makes sense that we’d put together a gorgeous selection of ‘ready to ship’, custom-made jewelry to help out those of you who share our delight in living on the edge!

But the real beauty of our ready to ship range lies in the fact that the drama, sparkle and shine of the jewelry itself far outshines any of the drama of the twinkle toes dance around town trying to find the perfect gift last minute.

Indeed, if we’re being honest, there’s nothing even remotely eleventh-hour about our ready to ship jewelry collection.

All the sparkly pieces of pure joy listed in this collection have been designed and created with all the same attention to detail and passion for the craft as any custom-made piece… We have spent hours, days, years perfecting our passion for creating beautiful jewelry, and with this collection you get to hand pick each of the elements in your chosen item, ultimately creating a custom made piece without any of the agonizing that can go into a custom made creation!

All of which means that even the most discerning of your gift recipients will never know whether you purchased this on the fly, or thought about it for months and months.

There is something for almost everyone on your list here, at almost every price point! Visit our Ready to Ship Collection here, our Quick Shops here, or keep reading for a quick gift guide designed to put Santa out of a job!

Ready to Ship Customized Jewelry Gifts for all the Women in Your Life

For the Love of Your Life

You may have already given her an engagement and/or wedding ring, but nothing says “I still love you more than life and will forever more” better than the gift of an eternity band!

For the Woman Who Gave You Life

Show Mom just how much you love her, and how grateful you are for her, with a personalized pendant or something sparkly, but intensely meaningful, from our range of ‘family jewelry’.

For the Sister Who Is (Still) Equal Parts Pain in the Neck and Keeper of Your Heart!

Sisters! They will forever be that thorn in your side, but the love and protective instincts you feel for a sister will never leave you. Engrave something sweet and stunning from our selection of engraveable family jewelry to leave her in no doubt that you carry your sibling bond forever close to your heart.

For the Best Friend

Lovers may come and go (until you meet “The One” of course), but your best friend? She is there through it all – to help you heal your broken heart, pick you up, dust you off, and take you out to live and breathe again. Forever your wingman. Forever with your happiness as her guiding light. Your ride or die! Show her that your platonic love for her is just as deep, and abiding, as any grand romance with a carefully customized birthstone jewelry piece.

For the Lover of Fine Things

Everyone has that someone in their life… the mom, sister, friend, aunt, niece who is, well, fancier than everyone else. A little more refined. A little more demanding of excellence and elegance! If ever there was a one for diamonds, this would be her! Our extensive selection of simple (and not-so-simple) diamond studs are guaranteed to fit the bill. And with a huge array of sizes and customizations to choose from, you’ll be amazed at just how affordable a pair of diamond studs can be!

For the Hard-to-Shop-For Colleague

It can be super tricky to strike just the right balance of thoughtfulness but professionalism when trying to buy a gift for a colleague! A simple but stunning bangle bracelet, or a pair of simple gold or sterling silver hoop earrings sends just the right message of appreciation for her role in your daily life!

Of course, any genuinely thoughtful gift of customized jewelry, even of the ‘ready to ship’ variety, can’t be truly last minute! Get your quote in today to ensure time for stone setting, customization, and shipping in time for the holidays!


At Keezing Kreations we have decades of experience in designing customized jewelry that sends just the right message to whoever the recipient may be. We’ve helped hundreds, if not thousands, of hapless gift givers choose just the right gift, for just the right person, for just the right occasion. Let us do the same for you!

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