If you follow Keezing Kreation’s jewelry design gallery you will notice that halo engagement rings are popping up left, right, and center! That’s because it is currently a very popular engagement ring design choice and our customers request it often. In this blog post we’ll explore the history and benefits of a halo ring as well as the most popular diamond halo ring settings .

What is a Halo Ring?

The halo ring is currently one of the most popular styles for engagement rings. Engagement halo ring settings have one center stone and a collection of round pave or micro pave diamonds circling around it in a halo. The halo stones flash with light and draw the eye back to the center stone, making the diamond halo ring sparkle like no other.

Halo Ring Design History

You may think that the halo engagement ring is just a popular trendy choice but in fact it has a very long history!
The halo ring dates back to the early 1700’s and makes an appearance in almost every jewelry period even though its style and design changes with the times. At times colorful gemstones halo rings were popular and at other times diamonds and pearls halo rings were popular. Streamlined and simple halo rings came out of the Art Deco era while elaborate filigree and milgrain were popular for Victorian Era halo rings.
Today, almost anything goes for halo ring designs! Square cut diamonds and pave set diamonds are a popular choice and the double halo ring is making a comeback too.

Benefits of Diamond Halo Ring Designs

  • Diamond halo ring settings give you the most sparkle for your dollar.
  • Halo rings look fuller and take up more surface area but without the expensive price tag of the same size solitaire ring.
  • You can place virtually any kind of diamond or gemstone in the center of the halo ring set.
  • The halo ring setting offers center stone protection by the surrounding diamonds .

Popular Halo Ring Settings

Round halo ring – The round halo cut diamond looks gorgeous set in either white gold, yellow gold or platinum. The jewels in the halo don’t even have to be diamonds, they can be sapphires, rubies, emeralds or even a combination.

square halo diamond ring with sapphires

Square halo diamond engagement ring featuring side stones and sapphires designed by Keezing Kreations.

Cushion cut halo ring –Cushion cut halo rings feature one of the most beautiful and well-known diamonds. This is also known as the pillow cut or candlelight diamond (the candlelight name came from measuring the sparkle and brilliance under a candlelight).

Sapphire halo ring – Loved by Princess Diana and now Kate Middleton, the sapphire halo ring symbolizes holiness, wisdom, virtue, and good fortune. Perfect for someone who wants to try something different.

Princess cut halo ring – Princess cut halo rings or square modified brilliants are one of the most popular cuts. The princess cut is more affordable than a round cut providing you more diamond for your money.

A split shank double halo engagement ring by Keezing Kreations.

Double halo ring – The double halo ring features a center diamond with two rings of pave diamonds. The double halo makes the stone appear even larger and more outstanding than just a single halo.

Oval halo ring – Oval halo rings make the oval diamond look extraordinary with the diamond appearing larger and more expensive that it actually is. Perfect for the active women who loves the sparkle and wants a ring that will elongate the finger.

Three stone halo ring – The three stone halo ring is meant to represent the past, present and future. Having the extra  sparkle on all three stones, this ring is sure to catch everyone’s attention.

Split shank halo ring – The split shank halo ring band is separated into two strands that move  up to the crown.

Halo rings with side diamonds – Halo ring settings with side diamonds feature the center diamond circled by a halo of diamonds and diamonds cascading down the sides of the band. Perfect for the lady who loves diamonds all the way around her finger.

Be sure to check out all of the above-mentioned platinum and gold halo ring designs in our Gallery!

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