There comes a time when some consider changing up their wedding ring.  Perhaps it’s a ten, twenty or thirty (or more year anniversary), you want to be more current with your style, your ring is damaged or showing signs of wear, or even that you want to change the metal.

Not all couples keep their same wedding and engagement rings throughout their marriage. Instead of buying a new wedding ring or set, some choose to remodel and remount their existing ring.
Remodeling and remounting your wedding ring can be a fun process that you can be involved in. In fact, many couples see this as something to do together as a further symbol of their love and commitment to each other.

If you catch yourself eyeing your engagement ring and wedding ring, dreaming about new possibilities, perhaps it is time to consider a ring makeover. Sure, when you said “yes” you thought your engagement ring was to be forever. But, just as you have grown in your relationship post-marriage, there is nothing wrong with enhancing and changing up your ring. After all, it’s the ultimate symbol of your love.

Adding new stones, upgrading to a larger stone or adding sparkle or detail to the band are all common ring remodels. Your original ring represents the first stage of your marriage, and now the possibilities are endless as to how you can create something new to represent your future.

Common Reasons You Might Consider Remounting or Remodeling Your Ring

  1. Your Ring Is Worn or Damaged
    A loose or damaged prong, scratched metal, a missing gemstone are all common ways a ring can become worn or damaged. It is often when having a ring fixed that some consider some enhancements or changes to their ring.
  2. Your Financial Situation Has Changed
    Many people get engaged at a time in their life when their finances may not be stable. They’re often just starting to make their way in the world and the workforce and as such, the engagement and wedding rings fall within that budget. For some, once they’ve settled more and have a larger income, they take the opportunity to further invest in their wedding ring to get the ring of their dreams that might match a larger budget.
  3. Your Style Has Changed
    Rings can go out of style and your own personal style can change. Maybe you want a ring that is more simple, or you want one with more sparkle. Do you find yourself eyeing the latest trends and suddenly your own ring seems old-fashioned in comparison? Style, fashion and trends change and it’s ok to update your ring to stay current with the times.
  4. You Want a Different Metal
    There are a variety of metal choices including yellow gold, white gold, platinum, rose gold and multi-tone rings. While some people have no problem mixing and matching their metal in their jewelry, for others, the metal of their engagement and wedding ring dictates the metal for the rest of their pieces: earrings, bracelets, watches, other rings, necklaces etc. If you are now drawn to a different metal, now might be the time for a remount.

Some Ideas for Wedding Ring Remounts and Resets
When you decide to update, upgrade, remount and reset your wedding ring, you’re embarking on a custom jewelry creation. This means that you have the opportunity to infuse your dreams, your style and your tastes into your newly enhanced ring.

Add More Stones
If you have a solitaire ring, you may wish to add more stones to your current design. Side stones flanking the diamond, a halo of stones around the diamond or even a separate ring that goes around your current diamond to enhance it are all popular options.

Add Some Color
Colored gems are quite trendy right now, and have always held a place in ring design. Colored diamonds or other gemstones such as rubies, emeralds or sapphires can really enhance a ring.

Change Your Band
Changing the metal, design or adding gems to a band is a great way to enhance and upgrade a ring. Or you can add detail with filigree or milgrain.
If your current band is white gold, you may have found that over time the color has started to turn more yellow. This happens when the plating wears down. If you still like the white gold look, you may wish to change the band to platinum which won’t change its hue over time. In addition, if you have sensitive skin, you might find a switch to platinum is a huge benefit as it’s a hypoallergenic metal.

Change Your Setting
You can make a big impact just by changing your stone setting. Bezel settings (a lip of metal encasing the stone) are very contemporary and sleek. A halo setting (a surround of smaller stones) add a lot of sparkle, and even flipping an emerald cut diamond to east/west instead of north/south are dramatic changes you can make to your ring.

Is it Time For A Newly Enhanced New Perfect Ring?
If you’re considering remounting or resetting your wedding ring, you really can have the new ring of your dreams, created from your current ring. And, there’s nothing to feel guilty about. Choosing to upgrade your ring is an investment in your ring and your future. It’s the perfect way to symbolize your growth as a couple and your life moving forward with one another.
There are many ways you can update your ring and we’d love to help bring your vision to life.