Some buildings are mere bricks and mortar, a physical reality, a roof over your head. Others verily breathe history, having housed all kinds of interesting people, places and pasts. And still others seem to float slightly above the ground on a cloud of pure magic, where just entering the building can take your breath away with the promise of what lies within. This third category? This is the category the Jewelers Building in Boston, MA, falls into; a building so steeped in sparkle and romantic dreams come true that it’s hard to believe it’s constructed of anything as prosaic as concrete and wood.

Jewelers Building: Home to all things sparkly since 1922

It’s little wonder, really, that the Boston Jewelers Building has this aura about it… it has, after all, housed all things twinkly and magical for almost 100 years!

Built in the late 19th century, and then called the Province Building, the Jewelers Building was at first home to a variety of businesses. But by 1922, and now renamed the Jewelers Building (also sometimes called the Boston Jewelry Building or the Jewelers Exchange Building), it had become an exclusive base for all things that sparkled and shone, a home to jewelry wholesalers, manufacturers and retail stores, and the ultimate source for diamonds and jewelry for both retail customers and jewelry stores beyond their walls on a supplier level.

More than this, it had become the heart and soul of Boston’s jewelry industry. A veritable treasure trove filled to the roof with floor upon floor of jewelers, expert craftsmen, designers, pearl stringers, watchmakers, goldsmiths, manufacturers, wholesalers, importers, diamonds, silver and gold. All working side by side to make dreams come true and add a little shine, a touch of dazzle, to the lives of those who ventured into Aladdin’s cave. And it remains as such to this day, nearly 100 years later.

Stationed in the heart of downtown Boston, this striking building is home to over 155 jewelry-making genies, all in the business of producing the finest jewelry, at whatever level of the process. Whether you’re on the hunt for for diamonds, gemstones, pearls, precious metals, watches, or jewelry-related services such as custom-designed engagement rings, heirloom resetting, appraising, engraving, or that one-of-a-kind jewelry find that you’ll know is the one you want when you see it, the Jewelers Building has what you’re looking for.

And therein lies the real magic of the Jewelers Building. Yes, its location at 333 Washington Street in the center of downtown Boston has its own kind of enchantment. As does the beauty and uniqueness of its art-deco architecture. But the real magic? That lies in the fact that you have manufacturers, wholesalers, importers, designers and retail jewelry stores all under one roof. Giving jewelers direct access to both the finest materials and the most expert crafts people, and you access to exactly the jewelry item of your dreams. Like those created, for you, by Keezing Kreations.

Keezing Kreations in the Jewelers Building

Having herself called the Jewelers Building home since 1978, our very own Debbie Keezing has a unique relationship with the building.

While the Keezing Kreations brand officially launched in 2007 (in the Jewelers Building naturally), Debbie’s history with the building goes back much, much further. Her father was one of the first Platinum jewelry designers in Boston and manufactured jewelry for many established jewelry stores in the Jewelers Building. Then, in 1978 Debbie officially joined her father in the Jewelers Building, quickly establishing herself as a force to be reckoned with in an arena with plenty of highly accomplished competition! Over the years Debbie’s involvement in the Jewelers Building has included three small showcases, a full size jewelry store, and today, an intimate retail studio where you can work with her to create a custom designed jewelry item that “Yesses” are made of.

A community of Jewelers

Debbie, along with all the other wonderful jewelers you’ll find in the Boston Jewelers Building, have formed a community of jewelers, all passionate about getting you the best quality, design, and deal, on all your most important pieces of jewelry. Like Debbie, many of the jewelers in the building have been here for 40 or more years, and today they find themselves making jewelry for the grandchildren of some of their original customers. Because over the years, the building, and her inhabitants, have forged relationships over time with their craft, their customers, and perhaps even the walls themselves, that is as indestructible as the diamonds they sell within. Which is why customers continue to return to the Jewelers Building generation over generation for all their most important jewelry pieces.

The Jewelers Building. 333 Washington St, Boston, MA 02201. The jewel of downtown Boston and the jewelry trade far beyond these city limits.