If you’re the kind of person who feels completely naked if you leave the house without jewelry, it’s very likely that you (a) already have a stellar jewelry collection; (b) have started putting together a selection of favorites that will turn into a jewelry collection; or (c) would dearly love to build a jewelry collection that speaks to your love of sparkle, and tells a story of your style. Whichever of these three categories you fall into, you’ve come to the right place! Read on to discover a jeweler’s tips and tricks to creating, or upscaling, the jewelry collection of your dreams.

Tip #1: Understand the Assignment

It is important to understand that a jewelry collection is more than just a selection of precious pieces or magpie-worthy sparklers that caught your eye at one time or another and now call your jewelry box, dresser drawer, or vanity top home. No: a jewelry collection is a carefully curated selection of items that speak to your style, and tell a story of your life. It’s not just about fashion and finances; it’s about memories and moments in time, combined with your own personal style.

By deciding to create a jewelry collection, you are also assigning intention to your selection of accessories. What do we mean by this? Well, think about the jewelry you currently own: you probably already have the beginnings of a jewelry collection – fripperies you’ve bought yourself over the years; jewels that have been gifted to you; family heirlooms that have been passed down to you. But the selection you currently have is unintentional. By committing to a collection, you are becoming more specific about the kind of jewelry you’ll buy, and those items you’ll keep, with an eye to passing them on to your own children one day.

Tip #2: Take Your Time

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither was your wardrobe. And your jewelry collection? Well, that might just take the most time of all!

In fact, curating your jewelry collection can be a lifetime activity – and therein lies the beauty. Because by taking your time, and being intentional about your purchases, you don’t need to blow your budget in a single outing. You can save for special pieces you’re desperate to own; select more valuable designer jewelry items when you have the funds; purchase bits that fit with your aesthetic and collection as and when you spot them; and continue to build on your classic, every day, more affordable staples as you go.

There is no set timeline to follow when it comes to collecting jewelry. All that matters is that you love every single item you choose, and don’t go into debt by choosing them.

Tip #3: Test Your Metal

Platinum. Sterling silver. Yellow gold. White gold. Rose gold. The range of metals used in jewelry production allows for lots of choice!

Of course, you may choose to mix and match metals in your jewelry collection, but most of us definitely have a preference for certain metals, both for how they look, and for how they complement our skin tones. Some people love the warm hues of gold against their skin for example, while others love the cool simplicity of silver or platinum.

But metal choice is about more than mere looks. It’s also about durability and value, as well as skin sensitivity. It is worth noting here that plated jewelry and non-gold metals may trigger allergies, as well as tarnish over time, so you might want to spend a little more for something that is stronger, has longer-lasting sparkle, and is sensitive-skin friendly.

Platinum, for example, is extremely dense and durable, and will never fade or change color. This makes it a good choice for those who want pieces that will last a lifetime and beyond. It is also hypoallergenic, making it suitable for anyone with metal allergies or sensitive skin. Gold too is hypoallergenic – yellow gold in particular is the safest choice for sensitive skin. But keep in mind that gold has varying degrees of hardness depending on the carat purity, so that is something to keep in mind when choosing jewelry items: is the gold of the item in question durable and able to withstand daily wear and tear?

In short, by all means build a collection around any metal that suits your style and skin, but keep in mind that there are other factors to consider when choosing jewelry items of specific metals. Looks are one part of it, but so are durability, longevity, and skin-sensitivity. In other words, building a jewelry collection isn’t all glamor, personal preference, and whimsy: it must include a healthy dash of practicality!

Tip #4: Start with the Basics

A pair of diamond studs. Gold hoop earrings. Stackable rings. Layering chains. A simple but stunning pendant necklace. A classic, everyday metal watch. Building your jewelry collection starts with basics like these, creating a great foundation for adding other larger, statement pieces like colored gemstones, fantastical cocktail rings, look-at-me arm cuffs, and more.

What you include in your jewelry collection is, of course, entirely a matter of personal preference and choice. But if you’re looking to curate a classic range of beautiful pieces that will withstand the test of time and trend, there are some staples that you can include, wear over and over again, and pass on to your children and your children’s children.

Along with the items listed above, your jewelry collections staples include pieces like engagement and wedding rings; an elegant strand of pearls or pearl drop earrings; a set of fine gold bangles in different widths; and, if your budget can stretch to it, a simply stunning diamond tennis bracelet.

Once you have these classic pieces in place, you can then start looking to add more specific statement and personal style pieces.

Tip #5: Make a Statement

Just like your wardrobe holds work wear, leisure wear, workout wear, party wear, and various bits and bobs in between, your jewelry box should hold a similar selection. Simple every day, everywhere, every-wear pieces; statement sparklers; office appropriate items; and special occasion dazzlers… all these have a place in your jewelry collection.

But if it is the basics that are the backbone of your jewelry collection, it is the statement pieces, and special occasion dazzlers which really make it a treasury. These are the pieces which define your personal style, and tell the story of your special moments. Your statement pieces are a chance to celebrate you, your individuality, and your life story.

These pieces are one-of-a-kind jewelry items which showcase distinct designs and highlight your personal aesthetic. Cocktail gemstone rings the size of a small country. Oversized jewel-encrusted necklaces. Wide cuffs and bejeweled arm bands. Chandelier earrings designed to catch the light – and the attention. It is in these pieces you allow yourself to shine, giving full reign to your self-expression, creativity, and uniqueness.

Tip #6: Make it Meaningful

Every jewelry collection will also, inevitably, contain some special pieces, which hold immense personal meaning to you. Whether these are gifts or pieces you’ve chosen for yourself for a special occasion, these jewelry items live at the very heart, and become the very heartbeat of your collection. As such, they can also form the basis of your collection’s aesthetic.

The beauty of these meaningful jewelry items lies in more than just their significance to your soul, however. These are also the items which ensure that you do not fall prey to mere trend or fashion folly. While some trends may suit your personal style (and by all means embrace those trends as if they suit you, they will withstand any test of time), in general, following the latest fashions is unlikely to give you a timeless jewelry collection which you will actually wear, enjoy for years to come, or pass on to anyone with any conviction that they too will wear and enjoy.

Tip #7: Choose Quality Over Quantity

Slowly building a collection of high-quality, bespoke jewelry pieces will give you much more value, and joy, in the long run. Well-crafted jewelry, made with the best metals, diamonds and gemstones you can afford, will increase significantly in monetary value over the years. More than this, though, is the value to your sense of self. You can take pride in a quality jewelry collection as it also provides a legacy which you can pass down to children – tarnish and damage free; and as dazzling 20, 30, 40 years from now as today.

On that note: if you do create a jewelry collection worthy of passing down, don’t forget to insure it properly! While homeowners’ and renters’ insurance may cover jewelry up to a certain amount after the deductibles, it definitely won’t cover the entirety of a quality collection. Make sure to discuss your jewelry insurance options with a trusted company.

Tip #8: Wear It Well!

Finally, no matter whether your jewelry collection is a small selection of bespoke items, or a treasure trove of costume jewelry, the most important thing is that it is comprised of jewelry you will actually wear!

What is the point of jewelry hidden away in a box? Jewelry should be worn and enjoyed and admired. Don’t just save things for a special occasion. Who knows what tomorrow brings, so let today, and every day, be worthy of your sparkle – both literal and figurative.

At Keezing Kreations we have decades of experience designing and creating jewelry items worthy of the most selective of jewelry collectors. We have 40 years’ experience creating custom jewelry items – from the basics to bridal jewelry, to statement pieces and everything in between – all designed to showcase your personality, while sparking both sparkle and joy. Let us help you build the jewelry collection of your dreams – contact us today: call 617-650-9934 or email dkeezing@keezingkreations.com.