There is much to be said for the power of sparkle. Not every gift of jewelry needs to be meaningful – sometimes the sparkle says it all, bringing joy in and of itself. Other times, however, call for your jewelry gift to say something more than “look at me”. A special anniversary. A milestone birthday. A graduation or other incredible achievement or life event. An engagement. The birth of a child.

But how, exactly, does one make a gift of jewelry meaningful? How does one ensure that the sentiment behind the jewelry item will outshine the, well, shine of precious gemstones and metals?

Here, we give you a few simple, tried and true methods to help you give a gift of jewelry which will shimmer with both sparkle and sentimental significance.

Jewelry and Symbolism

Perhaps the center stone for the engagement/anniversary ring you’re designing for your partner belonged to your beloved grandma. Perhaps the diamonds used for those sparkly stud earrings were ethically mined in an area you visited together once upon a time. Perhaps the design of a necklace mimics a necklace she’s always loved from her favorite movie. Perhaps the set of stacking rings symbolizes the three most important people in her life, each ring bedecked with their respective birthstones.

These seemingly small connections to a piece of jewelry can make all the difference, taking it from just another gift to one that takes pride of place in her jewelry box, the piece that she reaches for over and over again.

When trying to choose a jewelry gift, stop and think about the emotions you think it might evoke in the person you’re gifting it to. Does it evoke strong memories of a special shared occasion, person or place? Might it generate nostalgia for the romantic trip you took together to Paris or New York or London, where you found it? Will it bring back joyful memories of a special person in her life? Is it something that will make her feel powerful or beautiful or loved?

If you can find some connection to the jewelry item’s origin story, or to the recipient herself, that in itself can make the gift symbolic in all the right ways.

Metal and Meaning

If you’re debating between gold, silver and platinum for your jewelry gift, it helps to know that each of these precious metals carries its own meaning.

Many cultures revere gold as a sign of wealth, luxury, and divinity. But it’s not all about money. Gold is also associated with love, wisdom and magic. Whichever way you look at it, gold is, well, a golden choice! Bonus: gold comes in three colors: yellow, white, and rose, making it wonderfully versatile in terms of the sheer scope of stones and designs it matches up with beautifully.

Silver, which some adore because it represents the moon – and shimmers like it too – is also a symbol of purity, strength, perseverance, and transparency. And although cheaper than gold and not quite as durable, it is a stunning option for many jewelry pieces thanks to its silvery sheen and understated elegance.

Platinum, considered an eternal metal thanks to its durability, is also indicative of purity, while the gifting thereof is considered to bring the receiver divine luck! It’s also highly valued for its subtle strength and pure beauty.

Stones and Sentimentality

As much as we love diamonds, (and we do, oh how we love diamonds!), there is much to commend precious and semi-precious gemstones. Especially when it comes to gifting jewelry imbued with both color and heartfelt sentimentality and meaningful moments.

There are a plethora of exquisite gemstones, in a myriad of colors and cuts to choose from, and each has its own unique meaning!

(To start your education on the meaning behind the many gemstones available to you for the perfect jewelry gift, read our blog on birthstones here.)

Many cultures believe that certain gemstones bring luck and prosperity to their wearer, like jade, for example. An important stone in Chinese culture, jade carries spiritual meanings of peace, good luck, health, positive energy, and friendship. Turquoise jewelry meanwhile is also a symbol or positivity, thought to promote health, wealth and magnificence.

Just a few examples of other stones with wonderful symbolism include:

  • Lapis Lazuli symbolizes truth and wisdom;
  • Moonstone is said to bring peace, wisdom and protection to the wearer;
  • Onyx is a symbol of inner strength;
  • Opal is said to inspire hope, happiness, love and purity;
  • Amethyst is known for promoting spirituality and peace.

Of course, this just scratches the surface of stone symbolism, but suffice to say that if you have something special to say, there’s a gemstone out there with a matching sentimental script!

Do Your Research

Something as boring as research can make all the difference in terms of how meaningful a gift of jewelry is, or isn’t. What do we mean by this?

Well, it doesn’t matter how symbolic (or big and sparkly) the item in question is, if it doesn’t match up to the recipient’s likes and preferred sense of style, it’s not going to win any prizes in the gift-giving stakes.

Yes, you get some points for effort, but if the recipient’s likes and dislikes have not been considered, no matter how grateful they are for the gift, the jewelry piece won’t be worn. It will languish in some dark corner of a jewelry box for years to come, unworn and unloved, regardless of any symbolism and heartfelt meaning you may have attached to it.

Give from the Heart

Of course, the most meaningful jewelry gift of all is one that comes from the heart. Your heart.

If you’ve taken the time to know the recipient’s likes and dislikes, searched out the symbolism to connect you and/or the recipient to some element of the piece, or gone the extra mile to add a personalized touch (like having their initials or a significant date engraved somewhere on the item), they will feel nothing but love for the gift in question.

The thoughtfulness you put into the gift will be obvious, and the jewelry item will be quite obviously imbued with genuine emotion and good feeling. These are the pieces, the ones which are warmed by heartfelt wishes and pure sentiment, are the pieces that will be worn, and loved, for years to come.

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