Here Are Other Unique Ring Styles to Consider

Engagement rings continue to be a popular ritual for couples who are getting ready to tie the knot. Ring shopping, indeed, can be one of the most exciting yet frightening times for anyone, as you naturally want to find the right ring. Whether you plan to shop on your own or with your significant other, the decision will undoubtedly be challenging. Back in the day, you could narrow down your ring options with a few questions. Today, however, times have changed, and your options have multiplied exponentially, so your choices are much more extensive than they used to be.

While the traditional engagement ring, which features a large diamond on top, continues to be a classic choice, many brides prefer a different style or design. If you are one of those people, you need not worry! With the many options to choose from today, you can surely find a ring that matches your style, taste, values, and budget.

Check out this list of non-traditional engagement rings, which feature various styles that do not necessarily include having a large diamond on top of the ring. This list may be just the inspiration you need to get started with ring shopping. Who knows? Whether you are trying to widen your options or find something unique, the ring styles may help you decide.


Gemstone Rings

Diamonds remain a classic aspect of engagement rings, but if you want to forgo them completely, you can always go for an equally beautiful option: gemstone rings. If you are not a fan of how diamonds look or prefer a pop of color and originality, you can opt for a colored gemstone engagement ring. These have grown more popular as of late, with different gemstones representing symbolisms that can add meaning to your relationship with your partner.

For instance, the beautiful and bright aquamarine often exudes a sense of calmness and symbolizes communication and courage. It is the perfect way to remind yourself of the importance of communicating with your significant other at all times. On the other hand, Ruby is certainly an eye-catching gemstone with a strong and bold color that can represent love, health, wisdom, and many others.


Claddagh Ring

If you are looking for something different from most rings, you can choose an engagement ring without stones, such as the Claddagh ring. Contrary to most traditional engagement rings, the Claddagh ring stands out through its design. It typically consists of three important symbols: a crown and heart to symbolize love and friendship, as well as clasping hands to hold the heart and crown and represent your vows.

Some Claddagh rings may incorporate a heart-shaped gemstone for the heart symbol, but there are several variations where no stones are used. What makes this type of ring beautiful and unique is that you have much more flexibility in design. Most engagement rings rely on a stone to serve as the centerpiece, but without one, you have a working canvas to express your creativity and come up with a design that reflects your desired meaning.


Flush Setting Ring

For brides who still want a diamond in their engagement ring but prefer a more subtle or simple look, the flush setting ring style is perfect. As its name suggests, a flush setting ring is designed with the diamond embedded and flushed in the surface, so it does not protrude outwards like most other diamond-encrusted rings. While this design is popular among men, it is considered to be an underrated style for engagement rings in general.

Flush setting rings are also particularly suitable for people with active lifestyles. Since the diamond is hammered into the ring, it is much more secured and will stay in place even if you engage in physical activities. Ultimately, this style of ring offers you durability and security without compromising the design.


Contemporary Ring

If you love keeping up with trends, then a contemporary and modern engagement ring will be the perfect choice for you. Nowadays, tons of unique and creative ring designs deviate from the traditional round band with a large diamond on top. For example, a wraparound ring coils around your finger and can be adorned with white diamonds or another kind of diamond, so it exudes elegance while also adding a twist to the classic style.

Thanks to technologies, contemporary rings are also more detail-oriented, so they can have more precise design details that traditional rings do not have. For example, laser engraving allows you to engrave finer and smaller letters inside the band. Similarly, metalwork is gaining much popularity because of the intricate details that jewelers can include in your ring.


Shaped Band Ring

The shaped band ring is huge among engagement rings today as they are trendy and unique. In particular, the chevron style creates a beautiful balance between the ring band and stone, without any element overpowering the other. With this style, the band is shaped into a triangular or V-shape, and a small diamond stone is placed at the top. That said, shaped band rings come in several variations, so some may opt out of having a diamond at the center instead of having smaller diamonds encrusted along with the band.

When worn with a wedding band, this engagement ring style can look stunning and add tons of personality to your style. It not only looks modern but also gives out a sense of elegance that makes it a top choice for to-be brides.

An engagement is, without a doubt, one of the most special moments in any person’s life. Thus, finding the perfect engagement ring is the best way to seal that memory and remind you of that moment. Once you get started with ring shopping, you may be surprised at how many options you now have in terms of ring cut, style, design, and color. Similarly, you can now find many non-traditional unique and creative styles if you do not want to have the usual design with a large diamond on top of your ring.