‘Tis the season for gift giving, and gift-givers the world over find themselves wanting to wow the one they love with just the right gift. Oftentimes, their first port of call is a jewelry store or designer. Because what says ‘I love you, I value you’ more than a carefully chosen piece of jewelry?

But therein lies the catch: “carefully chosen”…. Because nothing says ‘I put zero effort into this, and bought the first sparkly thing I saw’ more than an item of jewelry that doesn’t match the recipient’s style, taste and jewelry-wearing preferences.

Need some help with the ‘carefully choosing’ part of this exercise in expert jewelry gift-giving? We’re here to help with our top 6 secrets to buying jewelry for the woman you love that she will love!

#1: Make it Meaningful

Jewelry, both the wearing and giving thereof, is emotional and personal. The most-valued pieces are not those that feature the biggest bling, but those that hold some sort of sentimental meaning or evoke strong memories of a special shared occasion, person or place. Birthstones, of either your partner or your children, for example, are a wonderfully meaningful gift, made even more so when set in some stunning, carefully thought-out design. Charm bracelets and lockets are another way to stun – with both the thoughtfulness of your gift, and the beauty of the jewelry itself.

#2: Make it About Her

We cannot stress this one enough: buy something that SHE will love, not something that you’d love to see her wearing. (But hey, if the two overlap, all the better!) What this means is that you need to really pay attention to her: her likes, dislikes, style preferences, fashion sense, etc. Not sure if you know exactly what those are? Well, this is a great opportunity to do some sleuthing that can only benefit both you, your relationship, and her jewelry collection:

  1. Take a peek into her jewelry box to see her current jewelry selection. What does she own? What does it look like she loves?
  2. Look at her – no, really look at her. Every day. What jewelry does she wear most often? What sort of colors, metals and stones does she seem to gravitate towards? Is her fashion sense bold and dramatic, or subtle and understated? Does she tend towards modern style or vintage romance? Does she wear dainty pieces or big, look-at-me statement style items?
  3. Listen to her – no, really listen to her. Every day. Women may be mysteries in many ways, but when it comes to jewelry they quite frequently dole out not-so-subtle hints about jewelry items and styles they love, or would love to own.

#3: Make Her Friends Part of the Process

Still not sure what jewelry item is going to blow her away come gift-giving day? Don’t worry, her friends will know. Phone up her closest friends, her sister, her mother. Ask their opinion. We can 100% guarantee they will know all of her style and jewelry preferences (see point #2 above), as well as any jewelry items she’s been eyeing or wishing for.

#4: Make it Memorable

In other words, make it a diamond.

Okay, so we did say it wasn’t the size of the bling that mattered so much as the memory. But honestly? If you can afford a lovely big diamond, with all the sparkle, all the shine, and all the best quality Cs (read more about the 4Cs of diamond-buying here), then by all means don’t hold back. There are very few women who don’t love a decent-sized diamond. That being said, whether it’s in a ring, necklace, bracelet, or earrings, beautifully cut, top-quality diamonds, of whatever size and style you can afford, diamonds in general are hardly ever going to disappoint. Truly.

#5: Make it Classic

When in doubt, stick to the classics. A simple but stunning pair of diamond hoop earrings. A classic string of flawless pearls. (Yes, these may make you think of the Queen drinking tea, but any woman of style knows how to take a string of pearls to the next level by mixing it with other pieces for a modern, edgier look.) A set of exquisite stacking rings. All of these are jewelry options she’ll treasure for years to come.

#6: Make it Something She Can Wear Every Day

While lots of men tend to go for bling over basics, when it comes to jewelry, women will actually be delighted by something that is both special but also perfect for daily wear! Something gorgeous to show off on a daily basis. A pair of diamond studs, a diamond tennis bracelet, a simply stunning solitaire necklace. All of these fit the bill. This also gives her double bragging rights: a stunning piece of jewelry, plus a partner who clearly knows and adores her enough to give the perfect gift!

Bonus Jewelry-Buying Secret: Make it Her Choice

Finally, some women – and you’ll know if your gift recipient is one of them (or should!) – truly prefer to choose their own jewelry. Surprises are not for them, no matter how stunning the stone or divine the diamond. If this sounds about right, a lovely handwritten note gifting her the jewelry item of her choice to the value of $XX, or a gift card to a jewelry designer or store she already knows and loves, will be more meaningful and valuable than any item you could pick out, however carefully chosen or well-intentioned the gift. Knowing her heart is, after all, far more romantic than knowing her ring size.

At Keezing Kreations we have decades of experience in designing customized jewelry that sends just the right message to whoever the recipient may be. We’ve helped hundreds, if not thousands, of hapless gift givers choose just the right gift, for just the right person, for just the right occasion. Let us do the same for you!

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