Yellow gold engagement rings are trending, here’s what you should know.

Trends are always cyclical, and jewelry is no exception. While many may have thought the hey-days of yellow gold were over, the last few years have proven it’s anything but!

Yellow gold is making a comeback in a big way, from engagement rings and diamond jewelry, to everyday minimalist pieces. We’re seeing it everywhere, not only on shelves and in cheap, costume-jewelry knockoffs, but on the red carpet and on big-name celebrities! It’s clear that gold is back, and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere any time soon…

So, let’s dive into the nitty gritty of yellow gold, why it fell out of fashion, who’s trailblazing the way, and how the comeback is a trend you shouldn’t hesitate to get in on.

Why Yellow Gold Fell Out Of Fashion

Up until a few years ago, many of us probably thought of yellow gold as something that belonged in our grandmother’s jewelry collection. It was a classic, sure, but it also felt dated. It was this association that lead the generation following the baby boomers to opt for white gold and platinum instead – a color that still very much rules the bridal market for jewelry and engagement rings today.

This trend dominated for years, causing yellow gold to fall to the wayside – its decline became obvious in the 1990s and just kept going. For a while it seemed like yellow gold was down for the count… but as with most things, it only takes a younger generation to discard the model of their parents and look for new inspiration.

Why Yellow Gold Is Making A Comeback

The next generation of trendsetters is always looking to overturn the status quo. It’s “out with the old, and in with the new”, but this often means dipping into past fashion trends for inspiration. The return of high-waisted jeans and 90’s grunge is just one example. Lucky for all of us, gold also made the list.

With yellow gold now exploding in popularity, it’s worth taking a moment to note a few differences. Gold jewelry is, of course, never 100% gold in composition. Gold is the most non-reactive of all metals, meaning it won’t tarnish, rust, or corrode, but the downside is that it’s a little too soft to withstand daily wear and tear. Instead, gold is combined with other metals to increase its strength and extend the life of its finish. These alloys, which usually mix in copper and silver, impact the final color.

The first toe-dip into gold was seen with the uber-popular rose gold trend that erupted overnight thanks to millennials. Read, more copper in the alloy for a reddish pink color. Rose gold was everywhere, from cell phones to wristwatches, and it didn’t stop there. Rose gold became hugely popular with engagement rings and dominated visual platforms like Pinterest and Instagram for years. That was just the start. As gold began to look new again, yellow gold finally had an opportunity to make its comeback.

The yellow gold that’s trending now is a softer take on the original. Pieces that are trending for everything from streetwear to formal affairs are much more minimalist in nature and layered for effect. In the world of diamond jewelry and engagement rings, yellow gold has seen an uptick. The decision to opt for gold engagement rings was popularized by celebrities such as Megan Markle, Katy Perry, and Lily Collins (to name just a few) and has inspired brides everywhere to look towards more traditional options.

That’s not to say that traditional is the only option out there! Yellow gold engagement rings and bridal jewelry come in every style imaginable and can be custom-made to suit a bride’s unique taste and personality. Your engagement ring is the expression of your love story, so it should suit you and your partner!

How To Wear Gold Jewelry

Interested in the trend but worried that yellow gold jewelry isn’t for you? Think again! While gold looks especially stunning on warm skin tones, there are enough shades and styles for everyone to enjoy! Gold is also incredibly versatile and can work double duty as an accessory for a formal event or a compliment to casual outfits.

Yellow gold is particularly well suited for those with sensitivities to nickel or other metals. In fact, if you struggle with an allergy to nickel you are more likely to react to white gold because of the additional metals mixed in to give it its color.

Another advantage of yellow gold is that it will maintain its color without any additional intervention on your part. White gold, for example, needs to be rhodium plated periodically to keep it looking white in color. Over time that rhodium layer wears away, allowing the yellow hues to show through. Even platinum requires maintenance, despite being a pure metal, as it will lose its shine and develop a patina over time. Regular polishing is required to keep it looking new.

The final selling point for yellow gold is the fact that it’s timeless. You can wear it with everything, you can mix and match metals to your heart’s content, and whether you want to look laid-back or glamorous, gold will suit, no matter what. Sure, give it another 20 years and the kids will think yellow gold is old-fashioned once again, but there’s something to be said for a precious metal that’s endured hundreds of years of history, and still looks great.

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