That iconic small square box – you know the one – holds so much more than just your hopes and dreams for a future of forever-love. Yes, of course, that is the most important of its contents, but let’s be honest… the diamond that lies within is what seals the deal. The diamond puts the sparkle in the moment and the memory.

It’s not about the money spent thereon either. (And if it is, you might want to rethink your choice of life partner!) It’s about the thought that goes into choosing the perfect diamond for the perfect partner. The sentiment and careful consideration put into every detail of the ring. Not least of which being the diamond cut and shape.

Personal style and preference are undoubtedly a factor when it comes to choosing an engagement ring, but when it comes to choosing diamond cut and shape, you might want to forego being “different” and “unique” in favor of brilliance and shine. Because nothing looks sadder on a ring finger than a diamond with no sparkle, a dull, uninspiring ode to the sparkly joy that is being in love.

Cut vs Shape

We’ve already explained that cut is technically different from shape.

The short version? Shape refers to the outline or external figure of the diamond; cut is how well the diamond is cut from the rough stone, looking at facets, dimensions, depth, symmetry and reflective qualities. For the long version see our blog on “How to spot the difference between a well-cut and poorly-cut diamond”.

But for the purposes of this blog, let’s use the two interchangeably, as some “cuts” are also technically shapes.

Why Cut/Shape Matters

Each diamond shape impacts the way the light hits differently, thus affecting the appearance and brilliance of the diamond in a unique way. But with a well-cut diamond, no matter what the shape, brilliance and shine are guaranteed.

With that in mind, and maximum sparkle as the benchmark, let’s look at the five cuts which deliver – at every angle!

The 5 Most Popular Diamond Cuts

1. Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

There’s a reason up to 75% of all diamonds sold on the market today are round brilliant cut diamonds. And the reason is optimum sparkle! These diamonds have a classic uniform and symmetrical shape that consists of 58 perfectly aligned facets reflecting an incredible amount of light. And therein lies the key: light travels through the stone for perfect internal reflection, resulting in optimum sparkle and scintillation. The end result? Round brilliant cut diamonds really do outshine the rest.

2. Princess Cut Diamond

Aside from anything else, the die-hard romantics in us just love the name. Setting childhood princess-fantasies aside, there is more to the princess cut diamond than the whisper of the fairy tale come to life. Its geometric, square shape, and four clear-cut corners, offers the modern bride a bold, contemporary feel, without losing any of the classic sparkle. Designed from the inverted pyramid of the rough diamond stone, the clean lines offer a clear cut brilliance that is sure to dazzle and beguile.

3. Cushion Cut Diamond

Also referred to as the pillow cut, this diamond offers something of a cross between the round brilliant cut and a princess. Its square or rectangular shape has slightly softer, rounded edges (think of the shape of a cushion or pillow – hence the name!), bestowing a touch of both vintage flair and modern lines. Perfect for brides who love a little whimsy but still want the hard-brilliance offered by the more “modern” cuts.

4. Oval Cut Diamond

Another softer shape for the bride who leans towards vintage over contemporary, the oval cut diamond is the new round cut diamond! Slightly longer than the round cut, but showcasing similar sparkle, the oval cut is an incredibly flattering shape that also helps to create the illusion of longer, slender fingers. Plus, its elongated shape allows for even smaller oval cuts to appear larger than other diamonds of the same weight. In short, there’s really quite a lot to love about this long shape!

5. Emerald Cut Diamond

Favored for it’s striking, bold shape (and capacity for being outsized – just ask Beyonce about her engagement ring!), the emerald cut diamond has a striking Art Deco appeal to it. It is also one of the most timeless and elegant of all the diamond cuts… as long as it is cut well! The style of cutting is what is called a step cut, creating a “hall of mirrors effect” rather than the advanced internal reflection that comes from a round cut diamond. And while this does make for a really remarkable effect, it also means there is nowhere to hide flaws or inclusions.

Other Diamond Cuts to Consider

Of course, these five cuts are nowhere near the end of the list. Your options are almost endless given the new techniques and tools available to diamond cutters and jewelers these days. We’ve even seen Christmas-tree shaped diamonds, if you can believe it!

Other cuts to look into include:

Marquise Cut Diamonds: Even longer than the oval cut diamond, carat for carat the Marquise has the largest surface area of any diamond cut, so it’s always show-stopping, no matter what weight your budget can spring for.

Radiant Cut Diamonds: Another angular shape (like the Princess and Emerald cuts), radiant cut diamonds are a relatively new cut, designed to have the brilliance of a round-cut diamond, and a similar shape to the emerald cut

Asscher Cut Diamonds: Offering the same Art Deco architectural feel as the emerald cut, the Asscher cut has a higher crown, larger facets, and unique mesmerizing reflections. It also tends to be a more affordable diamond as the cut allows for more of a rough diamond to be used or saved.

Pear Cut Diamonds: The pear cut diamond offers a unique teardrop shape and a distinctive old-school glamorous appeal. (Elizabeth Taylor was famously fond of this diamond style.) Like the oval and Marquise cut diamonds, the pear also offers the appeal of the illusion of longer fingers.

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