With over 40 years of experience creating custom handmade jewelry in Boston, you are bound to be pleasantly surprised with our brilliant handmade jewelry designs.

Keezing Kreations is a full service custom jewelry store located in the historic Boston Jewelers Building on 333 Washington Street in the heart of Boston, Massachusetts.

Your jewelry remains on site at our store as all custom handmade jewelry designs, redesigns and remodels are performed by our Master Jewelers. Our brilliant jewelry designer is recognized for his award winning, cutting edge contemporary jewelry designs that are sure to impress even the toughest critic.

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Custom Handmade Jewelry Services

Below is an overview of the major custom jewelry services offered here at Keezing Kreations in Boston MA.

Create Your Own Custom Ring

Creating a custom engagement ring is an exciting and affordable option. We specialize in designing custom wedding bands that are sure to WOW everyone that sees it. Our team our jewelry designers will work with you to determine the perfect ring for you and ensure it is within your tight budget.

Five Steps to Creating Your Perfect Custom Ring:

Step 1: Find Your Dream Ring

Step 2: Create a CAD Drawing

Step 3: Create a Wax Mold of your Ring

Step 4: Create the Cast Mold in your desired Metal

Step 5: Handset the Gems and Polish the Ring

Handmade Jewelry Design

Keezing Kreations is the leading custom jewelry designer in Boston offering classic and modern custom jewelry designs that are difficult for other jewelers to imitate. When you choose Keezing Kreations, you work hand in hand with the very best Boston jewelry designers. We specialize in creating custom, modern and contemporary jewelry designs but can also honor more traditional classic jewelry styles.

Learn more about our Custom Jewelry Design Process for:

Wedding Rings Engagement Rings
Pendants Bracelets
Earrings plus Much More

Jewelry Redesign

The best thing about gold, diamonds and precious gemstones is that they never lose their appeal, their charm or value. This is why we specialize in taking old classic jewelry designs and turning them into something completely special and unique that satisfies current fine trends and styles. If you are not sure what to do with your old heirloom jewelry or any classic jewelry pieces that sit in your jewelry box, talk to us. We can help you custom design a contemporary jewelry piece that will put your old precious gemstones and classic jewelry items to good use again.

Jewelry Remodeling & Restoration

If your fine jewelry is starting to show signs of years of wear we offer fine jewelry remodeling where we recreate your piece of classic jewelry, bringing it back to its original splendor and adding an additional 30 years of lifetime wear. This is a great option for those looking to preserve the heritage of their mother’s or grandmother’s wedding rings or other heirloom pieces.

Jewelry Remounting

Keezing Kreations also offers jewelry remounting services, which involves taking your old gemstones and placing them in a new setting or a completely new, original piece of custom jewelry. Whether your preference for jewelry design is contemporary or traditional, the number of fine jewelry design options is only limited by your imagination. Our custom handmade jewelry designers will work with you to develop the jewelry remounting so that it is just as you would like it.

Jewelry Repair Boston

Although Boston’s Keezing Kreation’s primary focus is on custom handmade jewelry design we can also provide the special care and attention needed to keep all your jewelry in pristine condition. We will gladly repair and care for your classic or contemporary fine jewelry pieces.

Gemstone Jewelry & Gold Trade In Value

If you own any fine jewelry or gold pieces that you just don’t wear anymore and would like to “trade in”, we gladly offer fair-market value as trade and can credit the amount towards a brand new piece of custom handmade jewelry. If you already own your own gold or other precious metals we will give you a trade-in credit towards creating a new custom jewelry piece for you.

Jewelry Engraving Boston

Our custom jewelry engraving services add an extra personal touch that is greatly appreciated by customers who visit us at our location in the Boston Jewelers Building in downtown Boston. Consider engraving important dates, initials, names or other meaningful phrases on any of our custom handmade jewelry creations.

Jewelry Appraisal Boston

For insurance purposes it is crucial to have a written appraisal to document the value of your fine designer jewelry pieces. All Keezing Kreations custom handmade jewelry items come with a free written appraisal; we are also more than happy to offer appraisals for other jewelry pieces for a small fee.

Shipping Jewelry

If you do not live in the Boston area but still wish to use our services we can ship any piece of custom handmade jewelry purchased in our store to any location in the United States for a small fee.

Jewelry Gift Wrapping

Keezing Kreations also offers jewelry gift wrapping on all purchases so that your piece of custom handmade jewelry is ready to give. All you have to worry about is deciding how to present the jewelry to your loved one.

Other Custom Jewelry Services

Talk to our custom jewelry design experts to inquire about other fine jewelry related services such as restringing and knotting for pearls.

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Custom Handmade Jewelry Services

Regardless of the approach you take to purchasing a new piece of designer jewelry, here at Keezing Kreations the end result will always be the same – 100% satisfaction and complete pride in wearing your new custom handmade jewelry.

Our custom jewelry services in Boston are affordably priced, even for the very cost-conscious. Because there is no middle man involved when you engage our services for custom handmade jewelry design, you are essentially getting a unique, one of a kind custom jewelry piece at near wholesale price.

Come visit us in the Boston Jewelers Building and discover the best custom handmade jewelry prices you will ever find.

Ask our jewelry design experts to custom design your next piece of fine jewelry. To arrange a no obligation consultation with our experienced Master Jeweler please:

Phone: 617-650-9934
Email: Custom Handmade Jewelry Services